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Knox County’s Seventh District has been my family’s home for over three generations. It’s the place I was raised, went to school, worshiped in church, started my first job, and built my first home with my wife, Emily. After becoming established in our careers and in our community, my wife and I decided to invest into the community that has invested so much into the two of us. We decided that I should run for office because I believe district seven deserves a voice in local government that is devoted to investing time and effort back into the community, committed to accessibility, and motivated to put others above all else. I believed I could be that voice for our community. While I have been fortunate to be a candidate to represent those I have called my neighbors for my entire life, an unexpected change has occurred that have altered my plans for the future.

After spending the last month speaking with doctors, undergoing tests from specialists, and extensive monitoring of my heart, cardiologists have made a definitive diagnosis regarding the health of my heart. Due to this diagnosis and the uncertainty surrounding the future of my health, my doctors, my wife, and I have decided that it is in the best interest of my health to suspend my campaign for District Seven’s County Commission seat. Much thought and many prayers have gone into this decision that we did not make lightly. The timing of this is less than ideal as far as we can tell, but we rest assured that it is in the perfect timing of our Savior.

These last several months have been filled with opportunities for community service and it has truly been an honor to have been an advocate for Powell, Heiskell, and Halls. I cannot thank each one of you enough for your support during my campaign. Now, I would appreciate your support and prayers during my uncertain future as I fight to put this illness in remission. It saddens me deeply to be writing this letter and I know many will be disappointed upon learning this news. However, we believe that this is the right decision to make for me, my family, and our community. I hope that each one of you will lift my family and I up in your prayers and ask for God’s healing as we explore potential paths for treatment. Thank you for allowing me to have an impact in some very small way on our community, I will always be grateful for you and for this wonderful place my wife and I are so privileged to call our home. I am committed to this community as much as I am to beating this illness and I will continue to be involved in our district as much as my health will allow.