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Judson's Story

Adopted at a young age, Judson found his home in Powell, as a third generation citizen of Knox County's seventh district. He grew up going to school in the district from kindergarten through high school graduation and then went on to college where he met his wife, Emily.

The two studied at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where Judson majored in Public Administration and Emily in English and Creative Writing. After graduating and establishing their careers, the two got married in April of 2020, in the height of the COVID lockdowns.

It was at this point, when the wedding couldn't go on as planned, due to local mandates, that Judson realized just how important local politics were. While most focus their attention on what happens in Washington, Judson realized what was more important was electing the right kind of local leaders, because that is where the real impact is made.

"It's time to put someone on the county commission who fears God and fears the people, because a true public servant is accountable to both."

Judson's Mission

The partisan games that were being played by politicians on all levels is what drove Judson to run for this seat. He saw business owners in his community lose their livelihoods, children go without meals because of school closures, and churches close for good because no one in government was working toward a solution to the problem. Instead of playing politics and partisan games, Judson believes that a local government official is elected for one purpose only: to serve others. Judson is running a campaign that focuses on listening to others and what they need to make their communities better. When elected, he will continue to be a public servant who always listens to his constituents' needs.

After getting married, Judson and Emily built their first home between Halls and Powell, where they grew up, and are now on a mission together to make their community the best it can be! They believe that this community deserves the best and they are willing to put in the hard work to serve this community and do all they can to build it better. The two have seen and lived the effects of poor public education facilities, gridlocked traffic, rising crime, and second-tier parks. Together, with you, Judson wants to fix these things - and more - to make our area the truly prosperous place it was meant to become. 

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